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30 March 2009 @ 10:56 pm
Greg Loves Warrick, Part 4/5  

Greg Loves Warrick 4/5
Orange Crush
Greg is minutes away from ending his and Warrick's relationship when the other man is injured in a car accident.

Greg Loves Warrick

04. orange crush

Greg wonders sometimes, wonders what goes on in Warrick's head.

The thing is...Warrick must care about him. They wouldn't be together otherwise. Before the accident, Warrick could have had anyone. And Greg didn't do too bad for himself either. They were together for a reason, multiple reasons. It's at times like this that Greg can't remember one of them.

Greg's been driving around for an hour now and he still hasn't come to a decision. To distract himself he tries to remember all of the reasons he and Warrick are together. The sex was phenomenal. They don't speak everyday, but before the accident, there wasn't a day they missed out on sex. And when they do speak...despite all of their differences, he and Warrick have a lot in common. They feel the same way about family, about life. They both believe in living every day to the fullest. They feel the same about work - its a second, third, maybe fourth priority. Never first. They both rather have fun today than worry about tomorrow.

Greg can't help but smiling as he remembers all of the reasons he loves GregandWarrick as a couple. But all of those memories are from before the accident and this is after the accident. And after-the-accident GregandWarrick is a train wreck. While they both view a lot of things similarly, Greg thinks the biggest problem is that they view relationships very differently. And Greg knew that going into the relationship.

It can be boiled down to where they're from. Southern California and Las Vegas. Greg isn't a hippie, his parents aren't hippies. His parents are barely liberal. But Greg does believe. He thinks this might be a Californian characteristic. Greg believes in people. He believes that love means something. He believes that part of loving someone is being willing to do anything for them while asking for nothing in return. The act of love is giving a piece of yourself. Greg loves and he knows he deserves to be loved in return. Greg would never intentionally hurt someone he loved and he would never expect to be intentionally hurt by someone that loved him.

Warrick on the other hand expects to be fucked over. In Vegas you don't get anything without giving something first. And with his odd jobs in high school and college, running for the casinos...Warrick had the type of "friends" that would stab you in the back to get ahead. Warrick doesn't trust easily. Sure, Greg knows Warrick would trust him with his life on the job. But Warrick will never trust him not to leave for something better. And because he doesn't trust, he never just lets go in a relationship. Warrick will never be the guy that loses himself in love. Greg can practically see Warrick calculating how much he owes Greg for this or that, calculating how much of himself he has to give to make Greg happy.

And despite how smart Warrick is, his calculations are way off.

Greg doesn't know what to do. Maybe Warrick has been right all along - love cannot conquer all.

He's at the same place he was so many months ago. He loves Warrick, wants to be with him, wants to care for him, just wants to...love him. But Warrick won't let him, won't let him in. Greg gets pieces and parts of Warrick, never the whole. It just makes him physically sick. He wants it so much.

Greg remembers the arguement clearly. "I'm here for you. I want to be here for you. How long is it going to take you to figure that out?" Greg had brought his hand to Warrick's cheek and those green eyes looking into his almost stopped him. But Warrick looked away. A dismissal. "I can't wait anymore. I can't wait for you to figure it out, Rick." Greg had backed away. "I've gotta go." He nearly ran out of his own apartment.

Greg picks up his cell phone and calls Nick. "Hey...uh, Nick. I gotta ask a huge favor. Rick has physical therapy in a couple hours. I was hoping you could take him. I'm not at the apartment now. I'm..uh...we're kind of taking a little break. I'm staying at a hotel."

Greg hears Nick groan. "Ah, what'd that idiot do now?" He hears Nick moving around as if he's getting ready and grumbling. "I told him to get his shit together." Nick's voice is suddenly clearer. "Don't worry about it. Don't worry about Rick. Take care of yourself."

"Will do, sir." Greg hangs up the phone and looks for a hotel.

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Author's Notes: This is going to be a super super short fic with super super short chapters. I'll be updating it daily.