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03 August 2010 @ 08:49 pm
Out of Left, Part 2  

Out of Left 2/?

Warrick and Greg are a happily not-quite-married couple. They are living together and raising their daughter Kayla when something, rather someone comes out of left to disturb their happy little life.

Out of Left

Part 2

Greg rolled over, pressing himself against the warm body in his bed. The feel of a hand move up his thigh to settle on his hip confirmed that Warrick was already awake. "What time is it?" He mumbled into Warrick’s side.

"We’ve still got a couple of hours."

"Good." Greg moved a little so he could rest his head on Warrick's shoulder. His partner took it as an opportunity to play with his hair. Greg had grown it out a little, dyed it back to its normal dark brown color, and thrown out all his hair gels awhile back. As soon as he did, Warrick had joked that he was "playing grown-up." But Greg kind of liked the new look and if the way Warrick could never keep his fingers out of his hair when they were in bed was any indication, then Warrick liked it too.

Greg felt Warrick’s chest rise as if he was about to say something. "Maybe…” and just by his tone, Greg knew Warrick was about to say something hendidn’t want to hear. “Maybe, we should call Nick and tell him to stay home?" Greg groaned. Warrick was not going to sabotage this day. "I mean we have the day off. And, I feel kind of bad pushing her off on Nick and Grams when we don't have to." Greg rolled on top of the older man, straddling his waist and taking him completely by surprise.

Greg put on his most stern voice. "You are not calling Nick. We've been together for almost two years now. Between our jobs and Kayla, I don't think we've had more than a day or two to ourselves. I barely saw you last week. You had to have put in at least 70 hours on that case. We deserve today. A day completely alone, just you and me."

"You know, you’re kind of hot when you get all bossy, and you saw me last week…” Warrick gave Greg a grin, “a few times if I remember correctly." He ran his hand up Greg's thigh to his hip.

Greg knew exactly what Warrick was referring to and he wasn’t impressed. "Waking me up in the middle of the day for a fifteen minute fuck, only to pass out two seconds later doesn't count."

"Fifteen minutes?” Warrick clutched his chest in mock hurt. “I'm wounded. It was a least twenty."

"Sure, whatever you say Casanova. Bottom line, you're not calling Nick. Okay?"

Warrick nodded. "Okay."

“Good.” Greg leaned down to peck Warrick on the lips. When he pulled away he made a 'whipish' sound and did the appropriate hand motion to signify that Warrick Brown was indeed whipped. It had turned into one of his favorite things to do ever since he overheard Nick make a similar comment to Warrick after work a couple weeks ago.

Warrick just rolled his eyes. "Ha, ha. Very funny.” If being whipped meant he liked making Greg happy, then he was okay with that. “So have you planned our entire night or what?"

"I made a few calls…" Greg climbed off Warrick and walked to the dresser, pulling out a pair of boxers and a worn Radiohead t-shirt to throw on.

Warrick sat up watching Greg dress. "What kind of calls?"

"It's a surprise." Greg turned back to the bed. "I'm gonna get Kay ready. Can you handle breakfast?"

"Yeah, I'll make sure to pour you a bowl."

"I’m sure you can do better than cereal." Greg watched as Warrick got out of bed and walked toward him and the dresser, to dig for a pair of sweats.

"Yeah, yeah." Warrick slipped on the sweats and walked into the adjoining bathroom. Greg watched Warrick start his weird teeth-brushing ritual. Ten brushes over each back tooth, fifteen brushes over each front tooth, and five brushes behind each tooth. Greg pulled his gaze away to make the bed.

Just as he was placing the pillows, Warrick walked out of the bathroom, throwing a smile his way. A smile that never failed to cause a tightening in Greg’s stomach. The weird teeth-brushing ritual was most definitely worth it. Greg assumed Warrick would be heading into the kitchen to get breakfast started, but just before he left the room, Warrick grabbed him and planted a minty-fresh kiss on his lips.

"Breakfast is on the way." It took a moment for Greg to respond and by the time he did the bedroom was already empty.

"Okay." He went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, no elaborate ritual for him, and wash up. After finishing, he went into Kayla's room to wake her up.


Greg walked into the kitchen, holding his daughter. "Pancakes? See, I knew you had it in you." Greg sat Kayla in front of her food and took a seat across from Warrick. A few minutes into breakfast, Greg initiated an elaborate game of footsie. They ate and talked about the case that had Warrick so occupied last week for a few minutes before Kayla, feeling a little left out, brought the conversation back to last night's episode of SpongeBob.

"You get to hang out with Nick and Grams today, Kay. How does that sound?" Warrick kicked Greg's shin, ending a game that had gotten too pervy for the breakfast table.

"Uncle Nick?" Warrick watched Greg pout and mouth the words 'you're evil.'

Warrick just smiled. "Yeah, the one and only."

"He get me ice cream?"

Kayla’s innocent question brought a look of utter triumph on Greg’s face. "I knew it! I knew he was feeding her sugar. She's always bouncing off the walls when she gets back from his place."

"Come on, babe. You can't blame Nick. She probably asks for it. And you know him. It's not like he can--"

"Say ‘no’ to anyone with the last name Brown? Yeah, I'd have to agree with you there." Greg grabbed a napkin from the center of the table to wipe errant syrup off of Kayla's face.

"What time is it?" Warrick was flipping through a trade magazine left on the kitchen table as he ate his breakfast.

"The clock is right behind you, Rick."

"Yeah, but you're facing it. Maybe Gris will approve this.” Warrick held up the magazine to show to Greg, who wasn’t paying attention. “It says here that you can try it free of charge for a month."

"Nick’ll be here in forty-five minutes. I’m sure Gris will. You’re his favorite CSI."

"Fuck, I still need to shower and get dressed."

"I thought we said we weren't gonna swear at the table? If you get to, then I do too."

Warrick looked up from the magazine. "What are you, 12? Fine, we can all swear wherever, whenever we want.” Warrick stood up and started clearing the plates from the table. “Now help me wash these dishes."

"You don't have to get dressed, you know. It's just Nick." Greg got up to get a towel to wipe down the spot in front of Kayla.

Warrick was already at the sink, washing dishes. "I know. But I stink."

Greg stood behind Warrick, reaching around him to throw some silverware in the sink, purposely pressing his body against Warrick's back. He pressed his nose against the man's neck and did an obnoxious inhale. "Smell fine to me."

Warrick pushed him away, leaving a wet hand print on his shirt. "Get the hell away from me."

Greg wiggled his eyebrows. "You know you like it. Don't deny it." He moved away to pick up his daughter.

"How about you and me catch some morning cartoons on the couch, Kay?" She just nodded.

Warrick saw through Greg’s lame attempt to get out of watching dishes. "You know, you're supposed to be helping me with these dishes. I cooked."

Greg was already walking out of the room with Kayla. "No can do, boss. Kay and I have important business to take care of."

Warrick snorted. "Yeah, I'm sure."

Greg and Kayla settled themselves on the sofa to watch morning cartoons. They caught the tail end of Dora the Explorer, and a few minutes later Warrick joined them, un-showered. They made it through an episode of Blue's Clues before the doorbell rang. Greg got up to answer the door and Nick walked in, right past him, ignoring him completely, which wasn't an unusual occurrence when both Warrick and Kayla were around.

"How's my favorite little girl?" Kayla climbed off of the couch and ran towards Nick who was crouched down, ready to hug her and pick her up.

"Uncle Nick, I'm going home with you."

"You are?"

"Yup. Can we have ice cream?"

Nick looked up at Greg and Warrick. "I don't know if your parents would like that Kayla girl."

"Please." She drew out the word and Nick really couldn't resist the pleading brown eyes.

He smiled at her. "I already bought you some chocolate-chocolate-chunk ice cream yesterday. Of course you can have some." The sound of Warrick snickering drew Nick's attention to him. He looked over to Greg to catch the tail end of an eye-roll. "Come on guys. She needs someone to spoil her a little."

Greg wasn’t buying it. "Pfft. Between you, Warrick, Catherine, and Grams I think she officially has too many people to spoil her."

Warrick ran his hand up the back of Greg's cotton t-shirt. "Look who's talkin' babe. I seem to remember you buying her enough toys and stuffed animals to open up a toy store when she turned two." Nick laughed as he remembered Greg's almost daily trips to the toy store.

Greg pouted. "She needed those."

"Alright guys. Before you try to drag me into your little domestic dispute, Kay and I are gonna get out of here."

"Okay. You can drop her at Grams anytime after 1pm. She'll be expecting you."

"Will do. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Later, bro."

"Bye Nick." The door closed behind Nick, and Greg turned to Warrick, wrapping his arms around the taller man's neck. "So what should we do now?"

"I say we go back to bed."

"Sounds like a plan."

Greg made no movement to untangle himself from Warrick or make his way to the bedroom. "You want me to carry you or are you gonna make it there yourself?"

Greg quirked an eyebrow in challenge. "You think you can carry me?"

Warrick slipped his hands down from Greg's waist to underneath the other man's boxers. "Baby, when I know what I'm getting as a reward I'm capable of superhuman feats."

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(Anonymous) on January 30th, 2011 04:23 pm (UTC)
Please continue!!!!
Please continue!!!!
I love to read storied about Warrick and Greg, and I feel like it's so hard to find a good one!!!!
I know I'm years late, but I hope you continue posting!!!
bknjt: springbknjt on March 28th, 2011 09:44 pm (UTC)
I really like this fic.... do you any plan to update???? Thanks...