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02 August 2006 @ 02:15 pm

Fiction Index

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Crime Scene Investigation Fanfiction

Cutting My Losses (Crossover w/ QAF, Greg/Warrick, Brian/Justin)
- Greg Loves Warrick (Greg/Warrick, written for fivebyfiction

- A Smile's Worth (Greg/Warrick, written for 2x5obsessions)
- Act Or Not (Greg/Warrick, written for csi50)
- Because I Told You So (Gil/Warrick)
- Building Up (Greg/Warrick, written for csi50)
- Faded Paper (Greg/Warrick, written for 2x5obsessions)
- I Love Tacos (Greg/Warrick, written for csi50)
- If You Were Mine (Greg/Warrick, written for 10_per_genre)
- In The Night (Greg/Warrick, written for alphabetasoup)
- It's Christmastime in Sin City (Greg/Warrick, written for 10_per_genre)
- Kinda Cute (Greg/Warrick, written for hyperfocused @ 60_minute_fics)
- Mother, Mother (Greg/Warrick, written for alphabetasoup)
- Putting the Fun in Family Function (Greg/Warrick, written for csi50)
- Quitting Long-Term (Greg/Warrick, written for fivebyfiction)
- Reckless Abandon (Nick/Warrick, written for 60_minute_fics)
- Some Investigator (Greg/Warrick, written for 10_per_genre)
- Summer Was Won (Greg/Warrick, written for alphabetasoup)
- Sunday Mornings (Greg/Warrick)
- Vegas Native Rule #1 (Greg/Warrick, written for 12_fics)
- Virtues Become Vices (Greg/Warrick, written for alphabetasoup)
- Waiting and Dating (Greg/Warrick, written for 12_fics)

- Can You Feel The Beat? (Greg/Warrick)
- Crack That Whip (Greg/Warrick)
- Dresses and Gowns (Greg/Warrick)
- It Wasn't Me (Nick/Warrick)
- Kinda Romantic (Greg/Warrick)
- Living is Experiencing (Greg/Warrick, written for csi100)
- The Gay Bar (Greg/Nick)
- Way Off Beat (Greg/Warrick, written for csi100)
- Wild World - Cat Stevens (Nick/Warrick)

Original Fiction

Brad and Elliott
- Charms
- Drew and Jesús (sequel to Jesús and Lola)

- Dating (written for bodyandsoul100)
- End of an Era (written for bodyandsoul100)
- Every New Beginning (written for bodyandsoul100)
- He'll Say Yes (written for bodyandsoul100)
- Inside Out (written for ah_gayfiction)
- Jesús and Lola (written for bodyandsoul100)
- Man-Made Fate (written for whatnowficathon)
- Summer Heat (written for bodyandsoul100)
- The Trouble with Live-In Lovers (written for bodyandsoul100)

- Jesús Gonzalez
sorted chronologically - Every New Beginning, Jesús and Lola, Dating, Summer Heat, The Trouble with Live-In Lovers, Drew and Jesús, End of an Era, He'll Say Yes

Queer as Folk Fanfiction

Cutting My Losses (Crossover w/ CSI, Brian/Justin, Greg/Warrick)
- Inverted (Brian/Justin)

- An Ugly Little Thing (written for fanfic100)
- Big 40 (Brian/Justin, written for dare_challenge)
- Brian's Boyfriend or Whatever of 13 Years (AKA Justin Taylor) (Brian/Justin, written for qaf_challenges)
- Boyfriend Meets Family (written for fanfic100)
- Grocery Shopping (written for fanfic100)
- Home Is Where The Heat Is (written for coldestmonth)
- Must Be Love (written for fanfic100)
- No Degrees of Separation (Brian/Justin, written for qaf_challenges)
- Pops (written for fanfic100)
- Welcome Home Reid (written for fanfic100)
- Where (written for fanfic100)

- First Snowfall
- The Cosmic Battle

- Question Collection
sorted chronologically - Grocery Shopping, Where, Pops , An Ugly Little Thing, Welcome Home Reid, Boyfriend Meets Family

Sanctuary Fanfiction

Healthy Relationships (Henry/Will, written for tiwtin)